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We have robots here! 18+

I am Plugs a he/him or They/them from England. Here is Transformers fandom stuff.
I enjoy writing fanfiction and making fan art in my spare time. I love reading fanfiction and have been in the Transformers fandom since I was 18 and I'm now 25 years old.
That's eight years of loving robots!

This website is a work in progress so the layout and pages may change.

A dog fursona

Art by Citrus!

My fursona is the closest you'll get to an irl image of me. Woof!

This website is not sutable for under 18s!

There is erotic fanfiction and links to lewd fanfiction here. This website has been tagged as containing explicit content, and you've just been warned about it. So no one gets to claim they've been uknowingly exposed to anything.

On the note of fanfiction there are warnings at the start of each fic about its content, don't like? Don't read.

This code is freely avalible under the GLP 3.0. If I am phrasing this wrongly or not using the GLP correctly please tell me.

In short if you want acess to this websites CSS or HTML coding I am happy to give it to you! Please message me at one of my social medias.